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Are you wasting time and money marketing to renters and homeowners who are not selling?

95% of realtor's seller marketing spend and time is wasted.

Are you getting left behind in the Big data and AI fueled arms race in real estate markets?

95% Of Your Marketing Spend Is Wasted


Do you know the three W’s of Property Intelligence?


Who is Going to Sell?

Only 1-2% of the 120 million housing units are going to list and sell over the next 3-6 months. Are you wasting 99% of your agent's time and marketing dollars?


Why are they selling?

The next step of property intelligence is understanding the event that drives the seller decision. Seller may choose to to sell for home related reasons, personal reasons, financial reasons, or life cycle reasons.


Home related reason is if the home is too small for a growing family.


Personal reasons are if the homeowner has a new job or want to move closer to family.


Financial reason could be if the homeowner wants to tap into home equity.


Life cycle reasons are marriage, divorce, retirement or death in the family.


Which agent best matches this seller?

Just knowing the Who/Why is not enough to get the listing. A brokerage has to match the seller to the most appropriate agent who can get the listing. Sending a $500,000 listing to an agent who sells starter homes will result in losing the listing

Verus AI - a Big Data and AI Pioneer

VerusAI was founded by data scientists, economists and mathematicians to drive efficiency and cost savings in real estate markets.

Don’t get left behind in the Big Data & AI arms race. Let our data science and AI team work for you. Use our property intelligence platform to give you insights on whom to target and when.


Seller scores

We’ve created seller scores to give you the best way to identify sellers in your area. No more wasting your advertising dollars on fresh graduates or new homeowners who are unlikely to sell.

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Refi Scores

Use our Refi Scores to find homeowners who are ideal candidates for refinance in your area. Be the first to message these homeowners and get their business.

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AVM & Equity Estimates

We’ve built the world’s most advanced Valuation Models with big data and AI technology. We have a valuation for every single family home and condominium in United States.

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